Long time coming...

It's been quite some time since I've done any blogging about ham radio..or anything really. I'm finally getting a little bit of time to settle back in and redo the site a little bit, at least getting the site running again.

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Changing Names....now KG1GEM

As you have probably already noticed, I haven't posted on KF5QPO site for a while. I've been a little busy aquiring new radio equipment, trying to figure it all out, and change a few names around. You've also no doubt, noticed a new domain with new calls. Yes, I went the vanity route and picked up a call I just had to have. A lot of though went into trying to figure out exactly what I wanted.

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We're going vertical...

Well, I finally took the time to order up the extra buddipole pieces to get around to making a vertical antenna for 20m. What's wrong with the dipole you ask? Well, nothing for the most part. I get wonderful signal and the more directional ability is quite nice especially with nearby signals. However, on the last camping (ok, rving) trip we took, sites were pretty tightly packed and in order to use a dipole, I would be encroaching greatly on my neighbors area. This is defintely by both ham and RVing standards you don't do.

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